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Health Tourism

According to a survey, “Emerging Medical Tourism in Turkey” made by RNCOS Research Corporation in 2009, Turkey has grown up by 40% in 2008 compared to 2007. If the conditions mentioned above are provided, then Turkey can get 15 billion Dollars from health tourism. Medical tourism and health tourism are new and researchable for academicians and companies. About this sector more advanced studies can be made like medical tourism emand, the criteria of choosing destination in medical tourism, competitive analysis in regions of medical tourism, financial sources from abroad and integration models of onventional tourismhealth tourism-thermal tourism-medical tourism.

Doing investment in the field of Medical Tourism in the West Mediterranean Region is a profitable business because of the reasons written below.

• 34% of the tourists that comes to Turkey prefer West Mediterranean Region.

• In 2010 approximately 10 million tourists came to Turkey for medical tourism. Medical tourism sector is growing between 6% and 12% each year.

• Having excellent facilities and amenities for different branches of tourism such as sea, mountain,adventure, culture and medical.

• Providing opportunities for living four seasons at the same time

• Clean air, forests and the unique natural beauties

• Especially having a wide range of facilities for third age tourism

• Being on a close position to thermal facilities (Afyon, Sandıklı)

• Existence of the supporting institutions for the investment

• Having an international airport on which direct flights take place to European and Middle Eastern countries

• Well educated and warm welcoming staff

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