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About our organization

          West Mediterranean Development Agency is a governmental organization founded in 2010 as one of the 26 Development Agencies in Turkey with the aim of accelerating socio-economic development and increasing local capacity within the borders of three provinces; Isparta, Antalya and Burdur located in the southwest of Turkey. One of the main duties of the Agency is promoting investment opportunities and supporting both local and foreign investors in the West Mediterranean Region of Turkey.

          As part of its tasks as regard to supporting sustainable development, the Agency provides an extensive range of services for establishing potential partnerships, increasing the collaboration between central administration, public and private sectors, local actors, universities and civil society organizations, activating the regional dynamics and fulfilling investments projected in the Region. Through a one-stop-shop approach, we analyze a variety of business sectors, identify market opportunities in the region and provide pertinent solid economic data for existing and potential investors. In addition, we help domestic and foreign investors to locate the most convenient business fields that will meet their needs and offer specific assistances in legal procedures, licensing, permits etc. Our supports also include providing consultancy services on the government incentives, which offer investors tax and financial advantages, and assisting companies to establish business partnerships.

          The Agency works as a bridge between public and private sectors by acting like an organization working in private sector and, at the same time, having the support of public authorities, since they constitute the Board of Directors of the Agency. Within the scope of its aim to increase collaboration between public authorities and private sector, flexible organizational structure enables the Agency to take action promptly.